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Crazy or Selfish

Nowadays I am feeling a little crazy. Some aspects of it are that I am just really pissed at some aspects of the world. I've asked my lovely mate how a person knows they are crazy. She's quite kind to me, telling me that I'm not crazy. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I am just really selfish and really angry. Hmmmm... I guess this is a form of madness. The difference between this and a 'chemical' insanity is that there is an element of choice in the selfishness. This is especially true (IMO) when a person is aware of the element of selfishness.

The big question is how to 'achieve' a measure of sanity when under the spell of selfishness. How does a person recover from anger?

I'm striving to open my heart. My current experience is not helping. Or is it? Is this one of those really fun lessons of life? I am seeing glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this is a real light and I have the strength to continue on.
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