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Poem - Trilogy

The poem “Trilogy” is about the three greatest enemies in my life.


A trilogy is arrayed
bearing the fruits of hate
filled with malice plans
against this soul filled with dread
I'll mask their identity
though the twist will be a treat
the greatest sadness coming last
when the curtain is finally dropped

society would be suspect
wishing harm instead of joy
with a dislike for the ones
that deviate from the norm
supported by a wider world
set to foil the inner goals
by a malice fully formed
or mere ignorance as a thorn

they’re off the hook in this tale
as well as miscreants sadly led
these persist in their holes
away from realms where I roam
the swarm does not equal three
a thousand plus if you please
so I’ll put them to the side
and now progress ever on

at last the villains take the stage
welding knives with poison blades
poised to take more than life
those qualities that matter most
I can’t deny their sly invite
to creep closer before they strike
if only I could resist
the charm implied in their harm

now you’ve waited until the last
revelation may be expressed
these last stanzas are the prize
to be unwrapped without a smile
the trilogy waits to be revealed
to take the stage with a bow
enemies that will comply
me, myself, and mostly I.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190312.
Tags: poem, self-sabotage

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