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Poem - The Youngest

The poem “The Youngest” was prompted by a 1970 picture of Michael Caine. I would have been five at the time. He was in this prime as a maturing actor. This melded with my reinventing myself at a point that is far from my prime. Still, the present day is the best time to begin, as it is the only day you can truly begin.

The Youngest

This is the youngest I’ll ever be
going forward in this day
with gifts that I’ve received
along with all the miseries

unframed years beckon on
without a promise of the count
marked against where I am
in the spotlight of the now

there is no turning back
except to forgive and then forget
put aside the chains of angst
to move forward without regret

time is a measure without regard
beyond the present winding down
at this mark of youth’s demise
pushing forward to my desires.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190316.
Tags: aging, poem

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