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Poem - Darkest Days

The poem “Darkest Days” is informed by my feelings regarding my place in the workplace.

Darkest Days

The darkest days are the ones
that relegate my self-worth
to the end of the line
behind the wants of other ones
if the measure denies the self
considering betters above all else

when their thoughts are paramount
ruling all from high perch
supremacy comes in all forms
elevation the top concern
stating who will matter most
when plans evoke action’s push

they know best after all
divining wisdom from the gods
stating what must occur
for the world to turn in its course
to these masters I bend a knee
accepting that I’m ignorant

not allowed to witness life
above the trenches where I’m stuck
satisfied with crumbs that fall
emotions dip in response
my self-worth will reflect
the press of life upon my head.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190317.
Tags: depression, poem

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