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Poem - The Fugist

The poem “The Fugist” was inspired by another poet’s writing. Their poem started with the line “I waited all morning for my oatmeal to talk” and ended with the line “I’m a fugist”. The work was about transformation through medical therapy. A fugist could be defined as a person who questions whether a choice should be pursued in the time allowed or that a choice will be grasped before it expires.

The Fugist

The dose must be consumed
says the criminal to themselves
judged guilty by desires
if only in their questing mind

that gateway to the beyond
one teaspoon at a time
or the shot finding flesh
injection made without regret

a need to shift the world
a bubble pushed to the left
underneath clasping glass
seeking freedom few will have

offering promises that are kept
unlike the prison of the world
arms wrapped to the back
dungeon of the normative

if the masters realize
the fugist found another life
slipped beyond to secret paths
the medicine would be denied

the end result becomes a cloak
hiding transgression beneath the cloth
squirming with a fervent life
that the accused must surely hide.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190320.
Tags: poem, transgender

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