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Poem - They Had Passed

The poem “They Had Passed” is a sad affair about the forced removal of people from life.

They Had Passed

I maintained that they had passed
by the virtue of time elapsed
with no reason tasked to explain
why the deceased was no more
six feet down or cast to winds
each is the same in the end
no longer present when I’m asked
where the bodies may reside

the angels cry in response
still my eyes are desert suns
never showing the slightest tear
when one expects from my loss
this is the word mourners use
instead I welcome truancy
twin orbs burn without remorse
for the sadness the void may bring

if only the photos would comply
with the need to be blind
to existence beyond this space
of the ones I state are gone
the departed are no more
passed away without regard
without admittance in my heart
of their love I’ve put aside.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190323.
Tags: estrangement, poem

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