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Poem - Two Gods

The poem “Two Gods” was inspired by the contrast between how I am treated by individual Christians and how the more strident remarks of religious organizations. I have only complimentary things to say of my Christian friends, especially those who I’ve met through social dancing. These people are at least somewhat aware of who I am. They put aside the cookie-cutter condemnations. I am treated with a degree of respect and compassion. I can’t ask for much more than this. The “why” of this social dance scene response is interesting, perhaps tied into the cooperative nature of dance, but that’s fodder for another poem.

Two Gods

I met two Gods on the road
each was the same by their book
right down to the sandalled gear
shared across two thousand years
penned by men with intent
good and bad with in-between
to describe who I had met
the middle one was not there

perhaps they took a holiday
that middle-person of the three
vacationed in a different place
while the others showed their face
sadly this was not the case
to be lukewarm was taboo
there was this pair in the end
present in the sun’s hot glare

one bowed their head in response
with full knowledge of who I was
a courtesy I’ll not deny
given the trespass in my life
the whole of my desires
identity mixed into the same
mattered less than who I was
respectfulness for due grace

the other spit upon my feet
railed against imagined sins
with a story already set
lurid words seeing red
a cardboard cut-out became my role
as I stepped to one side
already knowing I was not the one
the target of tirade’s harm

each God of Heaven had their say
before they continued on their way
one with a nod to who I was
another sneered without love
I’m left to wonder who was there
lived beyond the scribbler's pen
the answer lays in human choice
deciding which to present.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190324.
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