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Poem - Whispers Will Proclaim

The poem “Whispers Will Proclaim” is about the frustration of the poet. A poem attempts to explain the world. By purpose, or accidental shortcomings, the revelations are hidden in the maze of words.

Whispers Will Proclaim

All these poems are testament
to a world found within
the writer with the muted pen
expressing words that disappoint
these desires ask too much
prompting readers to perceive
what is barely recognized
against the screen of inner thoughts

the prose falls flat in response
gibberish that damns the tongue
even while the tumbled talk
arrays a legion of impotence
a thousand weapons making noise
firing blanks into the sky
wishing outcomes that define
something past the written lies

each vowel stands without a voice
the consonants are the same
still the volume turns upward
past eleven in churning words
a vehicle to explain
is found imperfect after all
with no one put to blame
removing readers from the shame

life is more than words may glimpse
when the depths have no end
to shine a light into that well
asks much more than poems share
the whispers will proclaim
what they may in resonance
hoping a single soul
acknowledges the muffled tones.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190330.
Tags: poem, poetry

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