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Poem - Born to Change

The poem “Born to Change” is about the sometimes slow progress of transformation and self-discovery. Thankfully the daunting creation is not a journey made alone when friends are there to lend a hand.

Born to Change

Revelation born of change
sourced from behind the eyes
seeks the mirrors to be seen
when vision lacks bravery
still, the restrictions had deterred
those self-made, sourced from fear
on the span of baby steps
to fly beyond a gilded cage

if only verity did not hide
that spark admitted to the self
base of thoughts from years ago
as presentation now complies
sadly fear lingers on
when society classifies
good with bad, entwined with lies
denoting sadness sanctified

a spiral set upon itself
small momentum found at last
the journey isn’t made alone
small pushes and gentle hands
still the shadows may remain
slowing progress beyond this place
forward motion is still made
saving grace belying pain.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190403.
Tags: poem, transgender

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