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Poem - Beware the Ones

The poem “Beware the Ones” was inspired by the misleading talk of “agendas” and “ideologies”. The “gay agenda” and “trans ideology” are trotted out as monsters to scare the unwary listener. Victimhood is corrupted as the talking heads exclaim an imaginary danger. Instead, you’ll only find people trying to survive, trying to thrive in their own happiness, in place of the fantasy-based systems of ideas.

Beware the Ones

Beware the ones that espouse
ideology as their war cry
saying less with each yell
as the volume find new heights
this choice of word is enough
to alarm the marginalized
now that comforts are arrayed
as conspiracy they’ll deny
claiming a system is at hand
political whims of ill intent
replacing humanity under fire
with righteous statements that conspire

agenda is another term
suspect upon utterance
look to lists that don’t exist
dictated by imagined folk
these imps that dwell within
fabrications of soliloquies
the ranks filled with strawmen
each ascribed with bloody hands
spoken from the pulpit's stage
for an audience without shame
don’t turn your back on this affair
contrived within malicious minds

now the hate is fully formed
statements made of strategy
as real as the fetid lies
barked without sound regard
except to rouse the army’s rage
stamp the feet against the floor
villains found at scripted ends
words twisted to draw blood
so deny these paths to the ones
monsters in the guise of men
speaking louder than the refrain
words that follow are murdering.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190408.
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