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Poem - The Unearned

The poem “The Unearned” is about leaving a place of privilege when an identity, not congruent with the past experience, is embraced.

The Unearned

The unearned becomes a trap
blessings stacked all too high
vanishing as the bridge collapsed
or toppled down to cruelly smash
reliance becomes the drug of choice
supporting making of the bucks
but consider the side-affects
sanity lost as the sad result

look to privilege as the beast
waiting to attack with savage glee
those who step outside of bounds
no longer favored as in the past
what was given may be lost
when the monsters decide to fight
against the one that has betrayed
the vaunted rules that none convey

reliance upon that edge
cutting holes once abused
imbued by a knife that's now dread
as the edges slice the flesh
benefits blessed by circumstance
stoke the fires that now burn
destruction from the coal of warmth
consuming all the group distrusts

the past acquaintance is abhorred
by the prisoners of power’s game
they still exist in the heights
condemning those who dwell below
crisis stoked at the end
condemning those who stepped away
now the trenches are the home
to the lost no longer found.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190412.
Tags: poem, privilege

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