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Poem - A Similar Lie

The poem “A Similar Lie” was inspired by a YouTube video “Living with Bipolar Disorder” created by Kat Napiorkowska.

A Similar Lie

The highest climbs offer views
from peaks the breadth is seen
this is a vision that few attain
if the angels would have their say
the world’s revealed without regard
to the cost afterwards
when the fall is the same
as the heights once overcame

into depths that don’t end
torture in the place of joy
the darkness deep as the light
one or another rules the world
in due time the wretch will rise
ascend again to the stars
rescued from the inky realms
until the cycle is reborn

shades may exist in between
except they’re hidden from the brain
as the focus does not relent
between the poles near and far
the cure is worse than the curse
to have lived reveals the death
when the sadness is called to doubt
joy is the lie without resolve.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190417.
Tags: bipolar, poem

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