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Poem - History Waits

The poem “History Waits” was inspired by reading about past Christian religious teachings that focused on non-whites being biblically inferior. I say past, because I suspect some congregations still go there. I was further affirmed in my inspiration when a self-indulgent posting was issued by a former swing dance teacher accused of multiple sexually associated assaults. His indulgent pleadings are now met with derision. Nobody can truly escape from history.

History Waits

History waits a long game
before turning cards held to breast
stating those who will ascend
along with fallen then condemned
past transgressions are held up
to the probing of insight
no longer hidden in plain sight
now visible to the light

the shadows will no longer hide
violations once thought right
the complacent put aside
when decrees are fully plied
conservatives in the dark
those concerned to hold the past,
who fight against the tide of time
while holding to a tarnished life

society is the past blind
huddled masses used to hide
now pushed aside at long last
when due measure is put to test
beware the ground on which we stand
justice will have its day
asking nothing less than change
damning those who ruled past days.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190419.
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