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Poem - Quest for Kadath

The poem “Quest for Kadath” was inspired by the quote “Nothing holy is pretty", credited to Estefania Jaded. Kadath is an Lovecraftian ancient city and the home of the dream-gods of Earth.

Quest for Kadath

Look to the holy if you seek
disaster lurking beyond the meek
ruins extending from the doors
of temples created to the word

the myths would have them as the lords
advisers in the place of gods
instead the rooms are filled with screams
pronouncing edicts of mad dreams

the garden is set by mankind
an Eden cast in Hell’s light
where the fall is carried out
to standing crowds on every morn

without the angels to guard the gate
all may enter to find their way
beware the promises tricksters sell
of mansions glimpsed on distant hills

there is no paradise for the fools
squandering all for trinkets gained
when power is the truest god
nothing less will meet the mark

beware the maze that is the mind
turning roads into quagmire
the only exit is to dismiss
this quest for Kadath that leads to sin.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190421.
Tags: poem, religion

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