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Poem - Top Regret Revisited

The poem “Top Regret Revisited” was inspired by some poem ideas I scribbled in the distant past. The focus was on regrets associated with judgments of the self.

Top Regret Revisited

If I were to list my top regret
it would point at myself
denouncing change that came too slow
by the speed and not the flow
while the seconds are cast away
the layers ask to be displayed

with quaint reference to comfort’s angst
deference is given to the mewling tongue
while determining identity
some parts were clear to see
hidden in the rapt desires
always there to speak its mind

that internal voice is locked away
announcing volumes only one will hear
while the world is ignorant
of this flow that souls dictate
cooperating with gender’s taunt
the outward kept in still detente

an arrangement that most approve
as the past becomes a lie
the shell seems to carry on
as the core is left to die
on the altar of frozen time
these choices become sorrow's life.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190426.
Tags: poem, transgender

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