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Poem - Like to Play

The poem “Like to Play” is a free-spirited tale about the wilder side of life.

Like to Play

Sometimes I would like to play
put down the hair in all respects
without restraint for what may come
when miscreants gather round
don’t condemn their unique tastes
or impugn depravity
these measures lay far beyond
the hallowed halls of wickedness

holy priests are not found
in their place are sacred clowns
blessed with intent to reveal
perversity behind the veils
each a master in their realms
the subs agree this is the best
to each their own is the refrain
as deviants take to the stage

step from the clothes that constrain
they’re not needed amongst friends
with intents that are the same
disregard for cover’s charm
the end result may soon depart
from the normality of any sort
don’t be afraid if that’s the case
it’s our tendency to misbehave.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190505.
Tags: kinky, poem

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