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Poem - The Fool Intrudes

The poem “The Fool Intrudes” was inspired by a short stanza I wrote: “other times I want to impress / play the fool or the wise man / perhaps both if the mood / strikes me to then confuse.”

The Fool Intrudes

The wise man is short lived
embodied in my poetry
even as I strive to give
something towards wisdom’s gain
simple truths are exclaimed
with a voice sometimes shrill
when the statements may offend
those who hide in fiction’s bliss

the fool intrudes upon the scene
stating words that compliment
the intellect of savant's feet
brought to jokes in aftermath
evocations by the clown
attempt to flee from sad frowns
even as the wrongs are sourced
from their hand and not the world

thoughts are drafted that intrude
upon the sanity of the abused
still embrace the steady head
waiting at the final pass
these two souls are as one
a coin flipped head to tail
what’s been said is all true
don't blame the sage if you're confused.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190506.
Tags: poem, writing poetry

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