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Poem - Chance to Transform

The poem “Chance to Transform” was written on the memory of a special night during which I was truly myself.

Chance to Transform

There is a chance to transform
step from the shadows into the light
expressing self without regard
for expectations of the world
presenting boldness in the act
while affirming humanity
the underlying has not changed
even while the surface strays

the natal form may please the eye
say the spectator on the outside
please remember this is a lie
to the one that must reside
a choice is made to walk the path
invoking rainbows along the way
arches that bend the light
with promises of golden pots

here's a secret that few know
when these realms are explored
absent of the normative
the traveler dares more than most
there is a danger when one steps
from the path that most adhere
as the monsters wait to pounce
eager for a chance to eviscerate

still the travelers will depart
seeking lands beyond their shore
where treasured truths may be found
beyond the chains of the norm
transformation is for the strong
the light is pierced by the dark
don't let that hide the genuine
when truth is at last found.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190509.
Tags: poem, transgender

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