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Poem - My God

The poem “My God” is based on a blog post I wrote in 2007. I shared my relation to deity, with the form having parallels to Abrahamic beliefs. Beyond the broad strokes, I seem to defy the details of their faith.

My God

People wonder who is my God
a private matter brought to the front
with the answers too often thought
to be aligned along two fronts
either the holy or the damned
these are the choices near at hand
I’ll step aside from these paths
present my own as consequence

God exists for all to see
in the rocks and the trees
the sentient that came before
and will exist afterward
this span defies all attempts
even as their ego may desire
by mankind to raise themselves
above the realm shared by all

creation came from the one
a multitude beyond count
now the basis of all things
forever bonded as a result
the before defining now
with sanctity as the norm
there is no difference to be found
if the bits are pulled apart

even while mortal souls
attempt to state the good and bad
God still stands without regard
to dogmatic efforts of the priests
they chase after sin of every type
each a fault found in themselves
treating all with abuses
by chasing villains of the mind

the taint of sin is too real
though most are confused
to the source of this malaise
God is still a mystery
ask the suffering that persists
beneath the symptoms is the cause
companion to the ego’s will
with agendas few confess

deriving pleasure from the pain
explanations spun to impress
salvation is a worthy goal
if it weren’t needed after all
these sad attempts to compress
deity into a small book
once a reference to be checked
now the manual to suffering

into this life we are pressed
to reconnect to everything
forgotten in the agony
relief standing close at hand
this is my God that I grasp
both myself and much more
completeness found outside of tomes
connections to the Holy Grail.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190511.
Tags: god, poem, religion

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