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Poem - Safe Word

The poem “Safe Word” is about the frustration of an imaginative mind and nobody to play with.

Safe Word

The safe word is assumed
when adults set to play
outside of bounds most pursue
capers rung from solitude
perversion jailed in every pore
the singular in custody

those halls of silence that care not
when libidos seek discharge
all extremes are allowed
without recourse to a crowd
the warped seeds bear no fruit
until there’s a multitude

there’s no doubt of this state
frustration asking for much more
with satisfaction at the wait
for release all celebrate
isolation is soundly damned
by the thoughts that travel round

plumbing depths none shall see
if desires sourced from misery
both pain and pleasure put aside
then imagined by threefold times
each with a safe word kept in reserve
if only these could be heard.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190517.
Tags: bdsm, poem

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