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Poem - The Game

The poem “The Game” is about the ongoing battle against misogyny.

The Game

The game was rigged from the start
if times spanned are a start
assuring all will be conned
to play along as if lulled
this was the theory of the top
steadfast in their beliefs
now wondering why the calm is broke
as the tremors are perceived

'why rock the boat?' is their reply
to anguished screams from below
begun as whimpers beneath a gag
now fully voiced in aftermath
a thousand injured in the forefront
with a million close behind
each with a tale of their own
tragedy mounted against the crown

still the kings are sanguine
nothing changed at the end
this desire to stand upright
while the structure begins to shake
countless hands grip the beams
wishing only to topple them
bring the tyrants to their knees
for abuses they'll not admit

excuses tossed as a last defense
declarations of false intent
pretending to know innocence
as blood stains guilty hands
vanquished at long last
their victims take the stage
warning others to not ascend
lest this fate recur again

now the game has been renewed
the small hopes are disabused
as new tyrants build their spires
regardless of what has lapsed
perhaps one day these to will fall
if lessons are kept close to heart
nobody is above the law
when castles topple to the ground.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190518.
Tags: misogyny, poem

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