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Poem - At Swords' Edge

The poem “At Swords’ Edge” is about the vocal reactions to abortion heartbeat laws. A societal disagreement about abortion has transformed into life-threatening and disempowering edicts born from religious zeal.

At Swords’ Edge

Consider why we react
when the differences are well known
around for longer than those alive
on the two sides of the line
opinions differ naturally
every vein is there to see
don’t dismay at this fact
instead react at danger's sign

words have been put aside
now the fists will provide
dialogue of the end times
while the demons cackle loud
or perhaps they’re twisted round
weaponized into lies
with all meaning hollowed out
what’s left behind takes only life

all intent has been lost
to disagree with forethought
in that place the hate forms
debate discarded for only harm
when victory begs scorched earth
the meek cannot abide
waiting to be struck down
sacrificed with cold regard

consider the motives that destroy
power is often at their core
without regard for purity
except to rule in solitude
no longer happy to dissent
voice a quarrel without blood
now the conflict has progressed
to win it all at swords’ edge.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190521.
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