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Stolen from lupagreenwolf.

1: Find the lyrics to your favorite song
2: Go to
3: Run the song through the English to Japanese translator
4: Copy it and then run it through the translator again, this time from Japanese to English.
5: Post the song (title and performer included please) along with these directions in your own journal.

I wondered what would happen if you ran text through the same process. Witness the transmogorfacation...

The second source of persecution is the embrace of purity by the minority. Consider that the minority is persecuted for a specific quality. The majority attempts to condemn the minority for the quality. The minority responds by embracing that quality, transforming it into something that is honored. This is commendable. The shadow side is that the quality is honored to such a degree that a standard of purity is established. People must meet this standard to be a qualified member of the minority.

Second source of persecution inclusion of purity does with small amount. When small amount is persecuted because of quality of specification, consider. In order to criticize the small amount for quality, you try large portion. As for small amount you answer with the inclusion of the quality which makes that something deform which can give reputation. This is worthy of to applause. The side of the shadow it means that the thing quality where standard of purity is established can give that reputation kind of. The people must meet to this level because it is the member where small amount is decorated.
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