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Poem - Minds of Little Men

The poem “Minds of Little Men” was inspired by a news article about a Southern mayor who recommending killing the queer community. He later retracted his statement, but the sentiment is sadly too commonly heard by marginalized groups.

Minds of Little Men

Forgive the crimes that don’t exist
except in the minds of little men
who exclaim without reserve
what others fail to observe
counting slights where none exist
while exclaiming holy names
still the pundits harbor hate
stated to the lost's dismay

those who travel outside of bounds
moving to their inner plot
a compass that many have
still the squares will complain
denying likeness is at play
a minority against the whole
it seems enough to stoke the flames
turn the night into day

they believe sins are paramount
spun from cloth they only view
a cloak of shame that’s fully false
only seen in bigot’s eyes
stating choice is at play
instead of a natural tilt
it matters not what’s then said
when natures are firmly fixed.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190604.
Tags: lgbqt, poem

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