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Poem - Madness Gained

The poem “Madness Gained” is about the separation between people when fear based beliefs are held above love and empathy.

Madness Gained

The chosen seek to elevate
themselves above the tainted crowd
with intent to safely flee
where the narrow trails may finally lead

into realms with thin air
shared by clouds that obscure
the mist hiding mortal souls
from rapport of those below.

this escapes asks a price
denying sanity after a spell
spun by tomes of ancient source
wisdom lost for dogma sought

in the end blindness reigns
only seeing their like kind
even while the eyes discern
fault outside the clan’s four walls.

it’s not enough to recognize
a shared reality with the rest
now the size of buzzing flies
with importance just the same

madness gained for safety gained
summits ask far too much
with the chasm that defies
humanity shared by all kinds.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190606.
Tags: poem, religion

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