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Poem - The Refrain

The poem “The Refrain” was inspired by thoughts about social media connections. The medium can bring together a wide net of distantly separated like-minded people. Sometimes this collective can dissuade the minority voice. More often, and when utilized to its potential, the outliers find each other.

The Refrain

‘To each their own’ is the refrain
stated for both right and wrong
bring together the scattered chaff
and separate those who belong
the former is for the best
while the latter is evil’s bane

so many people need to know
there are others now similar
the softest voices are denied
ability to find like kind
while the masses have a say
screaming statements of dismay

‘to each their own’ is the refrain
pursued in lieu of loneliness
now the channels have been cleared
to allow the minority to convene
exchanging statements of support
for the scattered across the globe.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190609.
Tags: poem, social media

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