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Poem - Cookie Cutter

The poem “Cookie Cutter” is a poetic fever dream about the conservative elements of society, the ones that attack unlike parties, realizing their position is untenable. Sadly, it is perpetual. I can still dream.

Cookie Cutter

The cookie cutter serves the whole
stating shapes and attitudes
functionality most embrace
at detriment of the least
this minority of number’s count
just as important as the rest

still they appear to be mangled bits
separate from the measured cuts
the molds align society
to responses without thought
automated to confirm
or attack out of concern

antibodies stamped from fear
masquerading as diligent
protectors of the factory
that false illusion of chemistry
these starting points in the sand
patterns engraved with certitude

they’re only blessed in calmest times
and not when the wind begins to blow
still the stalwarts hold the flanks
enveloped by the swirling breeze
the cookie cutter fails them then
past certitude now overwhelmed.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190615.
Tags: hatred, lgbqt, poem

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