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Poem - Survival Met

The poem “Survival Met” is about the nature of birthdays for the individual with ongoing ideation.

Survival Met

Another year has passed again
survival met with wishes pressed
in the sea of life’s span
present there to rise again
the currents wishing so much less
than existence bless to thrive

it’s not a given for these souls
to stay afloat among the waves
dark temptations aren't revealed
in the streams few may see
pulling victims into depths
with the hopes first to go

as the oxygen is removed
it’s just as likely a corpse will rise
break the surface to the surprise
of the crowd that gathers round
happy birthday becomes the prize
another year then survived

with intent to carry on
even while the odds seem stacked
congratulate the lucky one
as they plunge into the tidal crush
to flail about above the drag
waiting to cut the silver thread.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190620.
Tags: depression, poem

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