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Ethics and Spirituality (of a sort)

There seems to be an incredible struggle between personal spirituality and group ethics. Consider that personal spirituality could be equated to personal lifestyle choices. The recent events on LJ illustrated the challenge of applying ethics to personal spirituality (of a sort). I am still considering the underlying issues at LJ and people's reactions. Maybe I'll write about them specifically another time. For now I will post about living life ethically. There is not a one-to-one correlation between the following thoughts and the LJ events, but these thoughts are a starting point for my own considerations.

How is life lived ethically? How do we determine the proper ways of dealing with others? Volumes of books have been written about ethics, and each group has their own interpretation of what is proper ethics. I would suggest two approaches.

The first would be to consider the Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This rule appeals to the selfish ego side of our human natures. It puts in check many of the destructive tendencies of the ego. It is a simple rule, one that is driven more out of survival than compassion. The ego tells us to behave ethically from the fear of itself being hurt. This is not a bad thing. Indeed, it is one of the most basic survival tools we humans have.

The second approach is more compassionate and more difficult. It asks us to put aside our selfish egos and instead see things from a divine and spiritual point of view. This is simultaneously very difficult and very easy. We all have sparks of divine god in us. We are capable of knowing what the right action is. However, this voice may be very quiet compared to the ego. The right action may not be compatible with the correct action called for by the ego. This is applicable for what would be considered good and bad actions. It is compassionate to know when to be good and when to be bad. Sometimes, with divine oversight, we are asked to do things that are viewed as bad. How is the challenge of compassionate divine oversight accomplished? Listen to the divine spark through intuition. Put the ego aside and ask "what is the correct path?" The answer may surprise you.

Which is more important? Is it the need to survive or the need to act through a divine plan at the apparent detriment of survival? This is an age-old question, but as we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of human beings having a spiritual experience, the answer is clear. When we are in harmony with the divine, survival is a harmonious part of the divine plan.
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