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Poem - The Fall

The poem “The Fall” is about the disheartened soul who has been loved too little and been hurt too much.

The Fall

The fall is tied to the climb
so say the pundits that dissuade
those who strive to move beyond
the safety of the middle ground
not too high and not too low
then the sadness will stay away

happiness and greatest lost
are left to others in disgust
never feeling beyond the fade
just enough to carry on
seems for the best in response
to the troubles outside the door

hiding paths far from sight
temptation gets the best of all
when the need speaks is revealed
for something more than tranquility
shadows kept around the heart
eternal fog that cloaks the tear

keeping others from coming near
lest the troubles return again
this is known with the heart
avoiding hurt to pain's retort
those heights are too much
when describing false delights.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190628.
Tags: poem, relations

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