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Poem - Mirrored Remnants

The poem “Mirrored Remnants” sprung from the searching for ideas on Tumblr. A posting had a passing reference to echoes on the street. Imagination filled in the rest, with the sum paying homage to past joys.

Mirrored Remnants

Reflections echo from the street
transient wishes at last seen
before the lost are returned
to the realms of tempest spun

caught against windowed glass
matrix of a thousand fears
this history that came before
asking nothing while giving more

ghosts walking in the haze
immaterial to comfort’s gaze
perhaps the angst will forgive
revenants that seek egress

only leaving the passing trace
when returning to empty graves
these images that few admit
mirrored remnants of happiness.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190715.
Tags: depression, poem
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