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Poem - Please Pardon

The poem “Please Pardon” is about reacting to the normative of hetero-romance. Passion and romance do exist in combinations outside the assumed binary gender identities.

Please Pardon

Please pardon if I celebrate
the lack of gender in the main
penning works without reference
to the bits of natal flesh
each has their own to flit about
these are separate from the wish

to find comfort outside of self
even as the pundits howl
staid purity in their eyes
will not stain my lurid prose
when all embrace because of lust
based on desire and not control

emotions reign without regard
to the strictures of righteousness
they’re all based on dogma’s call
to build tall walls between pure love
assumptions made for the whole
while mother nature is at work

deigning all may feel romance
separate from their mortal frame
the muse requires only this
that gender stand outside of type
words put to page will celebrate
passion followed by the heart.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190720.
Tags: lgbqt, poem

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