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Poem - Purpose Asks

The poem “Purpose Asks” is about the daily journey of the depressed soul.

Purpose Asks

Tears are hidden when purpose asks
for perseverance above all else
pushing forward for the cause
enacted by the group at large
an empty shell is left behind
pretending life must be pursued

a banquet the eager throngs
is taste of dust that fills the mouth
imagination turned to deeds
demanded ahead of morbid dreams
these artifacts of wakefulness
are reveries that only damn

oh so different in true rest
the scenes are cheerful among friends
in wakefulness the darkness grows
seeking peace of lasting voids

all of turmoil is suppressed
along with tears behind the eyes
perhaps the end will occur
in place of tasks with empty worth.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190721.
Tags: depression, poem

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