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Poem - Smooch's Lure

The poem “Smooch’s Lure” was not written to damn the act of kissing. The muse took the idea in that direction, and in the end, suggest that kissing is worth the aftermath.

Smooch’s Lure

The kiss presented another world
opening vistas without regard
for the fall that will result
once soft flesh becomes one

the journey forward is enough
even as the fog descends
to encourage the lost to stray
without regard for surety

the secure are asked to deny
safety grasped in loneliness
dire peril blessed by the joy
with guarantee of a dying drop

guard against the smooch’s lure
while the event is dreamt about
the lechery of happiness
is bless elation before the shame.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190725.
Tags: kissing, poem

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