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Poem - Dazzle of Life’s Bane

The poem “Dazzle of Life’s Bane” was inspired by a lovely drawing of a floating woman with fire has a head.

Dazzle of Life’s Bane

Perception is left behind
even as the light is shown
in the brilliance of the mask
worn to show what lays beyond

an awful truth that most reject
in their span of sheltered lives
spun with intent to isolate
against the blaze of augury

still the glare is pursued
by like travelers of the same
stamped upon features cast
hinting what may follow forth

now eclipsed by countenance
in the dazzle of life’s bane
denying nothing in the midst
of those wishing to look away.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190726.
Tags: activism, poem

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