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Poem - Doppelganger

The poem “Doppelganger” was inspired by a Tumblr meme that stated, “(the doppelganger) is a presentation of the guilt, the trauma, the fear, and hatred that might be buried underneath layers of pleasantry.”


The doppelganger does exist
less than an inch from the skin
while at a distance that defines
a mirror set defying lies

without remorse of pleasantries
stacked upon the need to please
tearing down a false balm
constructed by safety’s calm

waiting for insanity
demanding dues of the will
impersonator that’s all too real
staking claims when strength wanes

this pressure keg that must reveal
the opposite of banal states
these humors damned without regret
by opposites of the flesh.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190927.
Tags: poem, shadow

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