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Poem - Each Has a Place

The poem “Each Has a Place” was inspired by a meme featuring a duck.  The feathered fowl was caught saying, “I think I will cause problems on purpose.”  I have friends who delight in bucking the normatives.  The poem celebrates their purpose.

Each Has a Place

Purpose asks for its due
by breadth of virtue in certitude
or stepping far from the path
while angels hold relevance

except when the imps delight
to dance by pale of moon’s light
asking all to bend a head
with frank acknowledgment

each an exercise with intent
to claim integrity in itself
even as society
is inclined to damn one half

still the purpose must exist
to confirm God in all of us
each has a place to surely thrive
before the day when we die.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190929.
Tags: lgbqt, poem

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