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Poem - Self-Same

The poem “Self-Same” was inspired by my admiration of friends who are as non-normative as this poem’s author.  I feel less alone in the world knowing there are fellow travelers. A shared characteristic is the need to appease the greater populace, only showing the colors when safety allows.


This prospector of a kind
for a treasure none can mine
instead the search taps the vein
of bent souls much the same

to find otherwise is the norm
that cookie-cutter life implores
sets the highs and the lows
into which all must flow

even while the traveler seeks
the camouflaged who prescribe
with the outer while the insides
twist away from standard’s set

into arms of fellow kinks
measured by a knowing wink
the prize measured in the twist
recognized by the self-same.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191003.
Tags: alternative, poem

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