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Poem - Hide the Rain

The poem “Hide the Rain” was written on World Mental Health Day 2019.  The theme for the day was ‘Focus on Suicide Prevention’.  My personal thoughts were that every day lived is a success.

Hide the Rain

Tears hide behind the smile
with the frown yet to arrive
when the prompts harken forth
parting clouds for something more

blackness is normality
near at hand in everyday
still the need can’t be denied
joy pretended to blind the mind

assuring the cares of worried ones
wishing nature to be more kind
even with the facade renounced
reality embraced by the frown

emotion's battle between the two
one inside for perpetude
the other seeking to explain
why the sun must cloak the rain.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191010.
Tags: mental health, poem

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