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Poem - The Road Returns

The poem “The Road Returns” is about the opportunity to shared alternative viewpoints with an insular group.  The traveler has a fear of being mocked for their efforts.  This trepidation is balanced against the education possible by their actions.

The Road Returns

The road returns from the north
after miles have been traversed
the traveler may be assured
that they arrive now transformed

bearing wisdom from the path
not knowing how the tribe reacts
fear is natural as the result
of transgressions imagined thus

these revelations by foreign tongue
await translation to the whole
lessons available in the heart
expressed outward for shared thoughts

the dust accumulated on the heals
proof of sights now revealed
asking only that journey’s end
instruct the whole as consequence.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191012.
Tags: poem, transgender

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