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Poem - Linda Waits

The poem “Linda Waits” is about the struggle of self-discovery.  The inner knowings may arrive at a point of no-return.  While fuller realization may be delayed, the die has been cast.

Linda Waits

Linda waits beyond today
this is the sentiment of dismay
denying what's come to pass
given that the die's been cast

rolled to set the inner self
while the word denies in jest
to put self aside tears the veil
assure downfall will prevail

this surety of beingness
defies the wisdom of willingness
to embrace the lie of passing fads
when the knowing is sure to last

Linda waits for no man
already here in circumspect
wishing only to appear
live a life beyond the fear.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191013.
Tags: poem, transgender

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