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Poem - Transgression Taken

The poem “Transgression Taken” was inspired by wanting to write about beauty.   The following night I dreamed about a friend who was unwillingly part of a traveling sex slave outfit.    I didn’t realize it was them at first, but when I did, I held them close and cried.

Transgression Taken

Beauty holds a special place
across the spectrum life may take
instructed by vision’s quest
then turned to dark for evil wants

the blessed game of give and take
gives the latter an upper hand
given to the grasping tastes
wishing lust to be the game

between the look and the touch
one comes first if life is fair
while the second is not assumed
when the world disdains abuse

that wanting beauty to be held
without respect for vessel’s stead
the spectrum does not permit
transgression taken in the end.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191018.
Tags: beauty, poem

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