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Poem - Those Roles

The poem “Those Roles” was inspired by a Tumblr posting that included the lines, “She was asked why she wouldn’t let him in…  the people closest to you, they expect you to star in that role for the rest of your life. ”

Those Roles

Roles are played to ease the pain
of actors and supporting cast
each with a role on the stage
wondering if it’s meant to last

just one scene and then the next
days extend beyond hindsight
wisdom lost where comfort dwells
decisions made to avoid a fight

the most close extend control
in the form of life deplored
seeking only to keep the hearts
enclosed in cages safe from harm

ascend to state the obvious
soliloquies cast to the crowd
this cast of thousands trapped within
those roles played to ease the pain.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191203.
Tags: identity, poem

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