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Poem - Twice Right Each Day

The poem “Twice Right Each Day” was inspired by a meme that compared broken clocks to people.  A broken clock could be detected.  Broken people defy the same.

Twice Right Each Day

The clock twice right each day
may tick as the time is betrayed
no longer tracked in perfect sync
with the cycles of the sane

those timepieces god has blessed
mark the hours as paragons
each with a purpose finely tracked
periods seeped in excellence

contrasted with the broken shells
seeming whole but missing parts
those mimics of horologes
instruments meant to tell no lies

if only all could realize
so much more than time implied
those fabrications most deny
when twice each day wrong is right.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191212.
Tags: depressed, poem

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