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Poem - Loose the Cords

The poem “Loose the Cords” was written while waiting for my car to be inspected for a trip.

Loose the Cords

Loose the cords that pretend to bind
connecting heart to the mind
the bond is parted at long last
remedy to pains of the past
allowing life's nature to transpire
sink to the bottom of the mire
join that collective that's expired
majority calling to those still alive

what came before was meant to pass
everything gone in it's own time
to hurry along is natural
when disconnection allows the pull

now the mind may rule the day
call in the dusk to some dismay
emotion's betrayal at long last damned
with comfort found in distant lands.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191220.
Tags: depression, poem

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