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Poem - Pondering at the End

The poem “Pondering at the End” was inspired by a photo that had a green CRT monitor repeating the phrase “what have you done?” for the length of the screen.  

Pondering at the End

“What have you done?”
the ending sentence for a world
demanding answers never heard
when final doom was the last word

the echoes of the thunderclaps
reverberation of the dead
provides the tempo for the song
describing how things went wrong

heard by nobody of sound mind
or any mortals if truth be told
while this verity is on center stage
the audience is not there to clap

unless the ghosts are contrived
to be witnesses to the crime
what was done will always be
pondering at the end of reality.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191222.
Tags: doom, poem

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