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Poem - The Sum Being

The poem “The Sum Being” was inspired by concept that forgiveness is required in order to be right with the world in regards to orientation and gender identity.  The non-normative is not broken or sinful.  They are just a different normative.

The Sum Being

Forgiveness was not my request
solicitation as a bequest
from damnation imagined by
those without a reference to my life

the offer smacks of hyperbole
a bargain made with misery
based on assumptions without a care
for the lives cast to disrepair

to be washed from myself
cleansed until nothings left
has no attraction if life awaits
beyond the judgment of conjured fates

deny the pardons filled with fault
creating guilt where there is none
clemency offered asks one to admit
the sum being is villainous.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191229.
Tags: poem, transgender

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