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Poem - Feelings Matter

The poem “Feelings Matter” was inspired by the quote, “I am an empty thing. A fragmented mutating subject.”  “No, you just feel that way,” they told me. “What’s the difference?” by Suzanne Scanlon.

Feelings Matter

If my feelings are just that
nothing more than illusion’s cast
please explain reality
substance based on other’s creeds

the logic there is surely based
on foundations much the same
except the glamour has set
believing this surety is the best

dissuasion becomes the coin
worth nothing if truth be told
spent to buy assurance nonetheless
consider laughter at this jest

if lives were not at risk
damned while pundits persist
to insist that feelings matter not
when they are all I’ve really got.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200107.
Tags: feelings, poem

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