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Poem - Heart Rebounds

The poem “Heart Rebounds” was inspired by a social posting about the angel Aziraphale from the series Good Omens.  The piece included the sentences, “This is an angel who is about to get his heart broken. This is an angel who is about to lose his faith, forever. But he’ll find it again, sitting in a pub, two bottles down and a charred book of prophecy in his hands.”

Heart Rebounds

Angels still have a heart
and a faith that may depart
if the world damns this soul
beyond the limits of their will

the vaulted heavens aren’t enough
to sway the spirit from despair
when mere mortals are much worse
than imps from realms far below

eternity is the sentence’s span
for the ones self-condemned
found divorced from the grace
of salvation the high embrace

still some hope must persist
to save the lowest from their ilk
in this place the lost are found
and once again the heart rebounds.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200116.
Tags: angel, poem

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