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Poem - Foundations

The poem “Foundations” is about the comfort found from mentors and more experienced travelers of the same path.  Without their aid, the person seeking to find themselves is at the mercy of external and internal phobias.


When foundations are not present
by the virtue of life’s path
self-assurance becomes adrift
among the shoals of consequence
a destination is partially glimpsed
across the span of rolling swells

once placid waters endure the storm
by aftershocks of the ground shook
paradise at last found
still shrouded in the heavy fog
without a guide a way is lost
across the tempest of life tossed

the hazards are from lights
leading to reefs of blight
with no interest for the welfare
of the voyager who seeks to dare
the safe journey may be assured
by the beacons pointing to the shore

with the knowledge of the path
traveled in the distant past
these foundations disavow
the ugly lies that have no love
in their place the self will find
the assurance of soul and mind.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200120.
Tags: poem, transgender

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